Elo & Jason: San Diego Botanic Garden Wedding

        I met Elo and Jason earlier this year at The Swoon Event. Everyone who attended was instantly entered into a huge raffle, and each hour the hosts would announce a new raffle winner! Eloisa and Jason had come to the show just to browse, and to their surprise ended up winning the raffle for my booth! I was soooo giddy to meet my winners, and I think they were still in shock they had won a raffle less than an hour into the event, haha!

        Jason and Elo were already married, and now wanted to have a larger celebration of love with all of their best friends and family present. I quickly learned why they needed a entirely separate day to party with friends and family; they have A TON of people in their life that love them a whole lot!  From the second the festivities began, to the very end of the night – I never saw those big happy grins leave the newly weds faces. As a another friend or relative arrived, Elo and Jason would run to them with the most welcoming hugs! I was extremely touched by the warmth and happiness of this group. Each and every person present was so genuinely delighted to be celebrating their favorite couple. I could not have picked a more special bunch to kick off my wedding season! xo

        Elo’s wedding ring has been in Jason’s family for almost 90 years!!! Can you believe that?! Basically 90 years of love stories in one ring —  so romantic!!

        Side note – Jason’s swaggy flamingo socks are everythinggg!

        Your wedding festivities are not complete without a The Photo Bus!! I may or may not have sneaked in to take a pic or two 😉

        Wedding Coordination and Floral Design by Gerri with The Laced Muse! Love this little lady and her amazing talents!

        The team at Happy Hopping Bartending were mixing and shaking the night away! Notice the Absolut bottles? Those are infused vodkas made by the groom himself! I had to get a taste of the strawberry infused one, and it was BOMB!

        I challenge you to not drool as you scroll past these insanely delish desserts made by Azucar! I am diggin’ her brightly colored and Cuban inspired details, as well!

        I love how they incorporated back yard games for guests to enjoy! Such a perfect touch for an outdoor wedding!

        #TBH – I was a little obsessed with the Photo Bus. First of all, its ADORABLE. Secondly, getting candid shots of everyone in the bus was hilarious! Every time someone stepped inside, it was instant laughter and silly faces. Too stinkin’ cute not to photograph!!

        DJ Kleeman kept it vibe-y with all of the favorite 90s RnB jams. When the Ignition Remix came on, the dance floor basically went nuts! I also couldn’t help but groove to the sounds of R. Kelly + take photos at the same time, haha!

        May 2, 2017