Emma & Sam: Joshua Tree Couples Session

        Can I just say how insanely amazing this month as been?! I launched my new website, booked a trip to the Philippines and went to Joshua Tree TWICE. Life is GOOD ya’ll!

        In case you missed my first session in Joshua Tree, it was all things adorable, gloomy and moody.  Palm Springs Wedding House also swooned over those images, and featured the session on their blog. Check it out here!


        Now back to Emma and Sam! Boy these two make my heart melt. They are fearless explorers, full of energy and crazy in love.

        We drove together to Joshua Tree and blasted only the best throwbacks the entire way! We basically had our own episode of car-pool karaoke.  I was honored enough to hear their future wedding song – Get Low by Lil’ John! LOL Definitely the love song of our generation if you ask me! KIDDING… 😉

        There is a clip of this wild dance party on my Instagram highlight stories.

        Our first stop was Pioneer Town. If you have plans to go out to Joshua Tree in the near future, definitely make a point to stop here and explore. It literally feels like you’ve gone back in time. There is a lot of wild west charm, making it a one of a kind location for photos.

        I died laughing when Sam casually put that straw in his mouth!

        There’s a new sheriff in town. 

        Nest stop – Joshua Tree!

          Sam could not resist climbing all the rocks he could get his hands on. Every time we walked past a bundle of large rocks, he jumped on it like a spider monkey. Shout out  to Emma who was such a boss, hiking + climbing in her booties.


        The Cholla Cactus Garden was my favorite part of the entire shoot! It was absolutely breath taking at sunset. I love the way the cholla cactus sparkle against the sun.

        Their silliness makes my heart do back flips! I love this photo so much.

        SO. MUCH. YES!

        Bubbles + Pink Sunset = MIND BLOWING, BEAUTIFUL IMAGES

        Best dollar I ever spent!

        Well folks, that’s a wrap on Joshua Tree for now!

        Thanks for stopping by!

        Thank you Emma and Sam for being YOU!

        Comment below with a cactus emoji if you LOVE the desert!!!

        Photos By: Ashley, AshGabes Photography / Couple: Emma & Sam / Dress: Nordstrom / Location 1: Pioneer Town / Location 2: Joshua Tree National Park



        January 23, 2018