Olivia & Blake’s Joshua Tree Anniversary Shoot

        A few months ago I photographed the sweetest wedding anniversary shoot in Joshua Tree, CA. I get so pumped when couples wants to continue photographing moments of their marriage. It definitely does not have to stop on your wedding day or only happen when you have kids. Keep photographing the romance people!

        Pictured are Olivia and Blake. They are high school sweet hearts that recently celebrated their 5 year wedding anniversary. Did I mention they are also my closest friends from high school days? Yes, I witnessed these two fall in love and grow into the beautiful marriage they have today.

        Their love of all things 70’s and the desert made this the steamiest session I have ever photographed!

        I mean… COME ON!!! ** insert a million emoji flames **  

        Dear Liv and B Sapp,

        Thank you so much for asking me to venture down to Joshua Tree and document these precious moments of your love. I know it was a gift to you to have these photos, but it really was such a privilege for me to share my passion with two people I honestly consider to be family.

        Love you two!

        Cheers to many more years of blissful memories. Hopefully they are all spent in Joshua Tree because I know how much you two love that sandy town.

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        September 25, 2018