3 reasons why you should do a first look at your wedding!

        I am a fan of the First Look!  Now, before we get into the reasoning why you should do it, I want to mention that I previously felt otherwise. The biggest reason was I felt it took away the magical feels of seeing each other as you walk down the aisle. But guess what dudes? IT DOESN’T! They are two totally different, powerful, “pull at your heart string” moments you will never forget.

        Need more convincing? Check reasons 1 – 3!

        1. ALONE TIME – The First Look gives you a chance to have a intimate moment, one on one, without having all eyes on you. You don’t have to worry about people seeing your Kim K. cry face, and you two can truly embrace all the feels of seeing each other for the first time [aloneeee – did I say that enough? lol]. Trust me, you will be surrounded by a sea of very excited people all day. It will be nice to have 15 – 20 mins of solitude.

        2. MORE PHOTOS TOGETHER – This is a opportunity for you and your photographer to curate something creative, and produce beautiful images full of emotion. You can chose a location anywhere, or even meet at a gorgeous spot within your venue. Your photographer [and second shooter] can circle around you, capturing all the happy tears as you two finally see each other decked out in wedding attire. The First Look gives you a chance to take more photos together, with zero peeps and in a totally private space. Then after your ceremony, you have time for family photos, bridal party and then more of just you two AGAIN! Are you sold on this yet?

        3. IT WILL NOT TAKE AWAY THE CEREMONY FEELS – I have had so many clients plan for a first look at their wedding, and in no way did it affect the moment they saw each other walking down the aisle. Those moments have two totally different feelings. The first look is your final moment as an engaged couple. After the ceremony, you will never be fiancés again!

        Also, I don’t think there is anything that can take away the significance of your ceremony. Nothing comes close to that, “oh snap, here we go! I am legit walking down the aisle and we are gonna do this thing” feeling. You will still get those butterflies, your whole family is with you and you are about to say those two tremendous words “I DO!”

        I want to hear your guys thoughts! Comment below and let’s hear why you did or did not have a first look! Anything you would have done differently?

        November 15, 2017