A Colorful, Street Style Content Photoshoot – Juliana Garcia – AshGabes Photography

        Juliana Garcia is a marketing queen that helps businesses with their brand messaging [Check out her biz here]. She is a ball of energy and full of confidence – every time I see her I know its going to be a FIRE session. Also, her laugh it equally as loud as mine which is probably annoying for anyone standing close by (sorry not sorry), LOL! This colorful street style content shoot we had a few months ago is definitely one of my favorites.

        Every time Juliana comes out to San Diego to visit friends, she books a brand photo shoot with me. We usually brainstorm a vibe + location before meeting up to make sure the content is on brand for whatever she is currently trying to promote. This time, she wanted a street style vibe with lots of cute walls. North Park was the first place that came to mind, so that’s where we went.

        Before a lifestyle session, I like to create a mood board and location scout. For this photo shoot, my goal was to find spots with exposed lighting, and backdrops what were clean & simple. I wanted Juliana to be the focus, but also have the image as a whole feel really bright & bold. I think the street style setting mixed and her sexy/sophisticated look really achieved that.

        North Park has so many interesting murals, hip bars and restaurants. It’s a perfect place to get creative and shoot some really unique content. Scroll through and check out some of my favorite images from my street style session with Juliana.

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        April 27, 2020