A Modern, Glam Style Wedding at Hyatt Regency Long Beach – Long Beach, CA – Arsheen & Shoeb

        Weddings come in all sizes and moods, and this glam style wedding at the Hyatt Regency in Long Beach was one of the most elegant and lavish weddings I’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting. It was a three day long celebration, however in this particular post, I’ll solely be sharing photos from one of the three days only.

        What I loved most about this day was the attention to detail in the venue, as well as the cultural flare. There was an alluring blend of sparkly golds and metallics balanced by softer hues of creamy whites and pinks, creating the ultimate backdrop for all of the photos taken that day. Admist the heart-warming celebrations of Arsheen and Shoeb’s wedding, the couple exuded opulence and royalty as they sat in their decadent lounge, greeted lovingly by their family and friends.

        Aesthetic aside, this glam style wedding also had several priceless moments that will last a life time. The groom surprised his bride with his own rendition of a love song that brought everyone chills, several dances followed after by both wedding parties. From the food, to the decor, to the music , Arsheen and Shoeb’s celebration of love was genuinely unforgettable.

        There’s truly no wedding too big to be captured. Sometimes, the bigger and the longer the wedding, the easier it is to capture all of the micro and macro moments. If this glam style wedding looks like the wedding you’re currently planning for (or perhaps dreaming of), please allow me to help. After all, with all of the work that goes in, you’ll want to make sure it’s captured for years to come. Click over to my contact page to get in touch, as I’m happy to talk more about my process for large weddings.

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        November 18, 2020