A Simple Couples Portrait Session in North Park – San Diego, CA – Kyndall & Colin

        If you’re madly in love with your significant other, why not show it? And honestly, you really don’t need a fancy occasion such as a wedding or engagement to celebrate it. Anytime is a good time to relish the mutual love that you and your significant other have for each other! And that’s just what Kyndall and Colin did in this moody and hip couples portrait session.

        We shot at a local watering-hole in North Park, San Diego called Polite Provisions and ended with beautifully lit sunset shots on top of a parking structure. What I admire most about this couple’s portrait session is the mix of aesthetics, which started inside hipster bar, Polite Provisions, and ended with bright and colorful vibes on top of a parking structure. It was as if the three of us were transported into a different moment of time.

        It was such a joy to capture the love between Kyndall and Colin in this session. And if you enjoyed browsing these photos as much as I did shooting them, reach out! I’d love to take photos of you and your significant other! Couples photos are such an underestimated thing, they’re perfect for a photo wall, social media update or even just a simple screen saver. Let’s get in touch, let’s savor your relationship together.

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        September 15, 2020