Green Gables Estate Wedding – San Marcos, CA – Candyce & Andrew

        On December 10th, 2017, Candyce and Andrew invited all of their loved ones to come celebrate as they tied the knot at Green Gables Wedding Estate. This was the most fairy tale venue I have ever seen, and I loved that the bride and groom incorporated a lot of  personal details with the decor.  My favorite wedding detail was their personalized bar sign that listed signature cocktails named after their two dogs, Brutus and Penny. The bride and groom love their sweet pups so much, they had them walk down the aisle.

        From the moment they said “I Do”, the couple was completely swept away by all the joy and excitement of their wedding! It was so sweet to watch the couple run into the arms of every guest, hugging them tightly and thanking them wholeheartedly for being apart of their special day. The rest of the night was filled with epic dance moves, tummies full of pink frosted donuts and uncontrollable laughter. You do not want to miss the shots from their bubble grand exit!

        A Toast to Beauty are my favorite hair and make up team! Candyce and her Bride Tribe looked drop-dead gorgeous! The Bride’s dainty flower crown was created by Crowns by Christy.

        Andrew’s gift to his groomsmen was really unique! Not only were these whiskey glasses engraved, but looked as though a bullet was shot straight into the glass!

        Swooning over the floral embroidery on her dress from BHLD.

        Once Andrew finally saw Candyce, he quickly pulled her in and gave her the biggest hug. They held each other for a while and really embraced the feeling of their first look. It was so special to photograph this memory for them.

        Tre Fiori Floral KILLED IT! This bouquet was stunning!

        How They Met..

        “We’ve actually known each other for 12 years! The timing was never right until one fateful evening when I came to visit our mutual friend that he was living with at the time. We were eating dinner when Andrew walked through the door – my jaw dropped! He asked for my number later that night and we’ve been together since.”

        His smile just melts my heart!

        Penny is very pleased to see her humans getting married!

        Everyone was a puddle as the bride and groom read their hand written vows.


        This reaction is everything!! UNCONTROLLABLE JOY!

        Brutus and Penny with their newly wed humans! Why can’t every venue allow dogs?!

        The Bride and her dad created this Donut wall!  I am not even going to lie – I ate a lot of those bad boys, haha! Those were the best donuts I have ever had! Props to Peterson’s Donut Corner!

        How amazing is this sign?!!!!

        The last time Candyce and her dad shared a dance was when she was a debutante. For the first dance at her wedding, they waltzed together again.

        Mother of the groom was beaming as she danced with her son. She was one proud mama!

        When the photobooth props make their way to the dance floor, LOL!

        Another great moment from the Davidson wedding!

        Shout out Pixster for providing the unicorn mask!

        I am like 90% sure Spice Girls came on at this point! LOL

        I asked the Bride and Groom what their favorite part of the wedding day was. Here is what they had to say…

        “We loved getting to see our family and friends all in one place to celebrate our marriage! There’s something so special about having that kind of love and support going into a lifelong union – we needed them that day, and we’ll need them for the rest of our lives together! We have the most amazing family and friends and it meant everything to have them with us on our wedding day.”


        Thank you so much for allowing me to capture all the beautiful memories that filled your special day!!

        Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness!!







        February 8, 2018



        Beautiful wedding! I love that venue!

        All of the detail and OMG those dresses! This wedding looked like it ROCKED! You nailed it Ash!

        Thanks Jennifer! The dancing was out of control! Such a great time!

        What a cute little white chapel, perfect wedding spot!