Joshua Tree Couples Session – Joshua Tree, CA – Taryn & Kirkland

        I will never get sick of these dreamy desert shoots. I love that more couples are requesting to photograph their love outdoors and at national parks. What could be more epic than you and your loved one, taking romantic photos surrounded by the best views nature has to offer?

         Taryn and Kirkland are the love birds in these photos. They are (currently) not engaged or married, but they are deeply in love, and huge fans of Joshua Tree National Park. Here is what the couple had to say about how they met, and why they wanted to do a couples photo session at Joshua Tree.

        “We met at a party… which sounds silly to me because we aren’t really party people. He’s told me many times that when he saw me walking down the stairs as he entered the party is when he knew I was something special. But for me, it wasn’t until the next day when I invited him to watch a meteor shower with me on a hilltop by my house that I knew something was different about him. We talked all night long & just gazed at the stars! From there, our love of being outdoors grew. Joshua Tree is so beautiful and special to us because it was the first national park we visited together! The sunrises and sunsets, the gorgeous landscape, the fresh open air; you get a sense of freedom there that you just don’t find anywhere else! We were hooked after just one visit.”



        February 13, 2018



        Seriously, Joshua Tree is always a good Idea!

        These are so RAD!! I have always wanted to shoot here, what a fun couple!!

        ASHLEY! Omg, this is amazing.

        That means so much coming from you! Thank you!

        These are so beautiful!!!

        Thank you Shannon!! xx

        These are great! Beautiful work 🙂

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        It was the most amazing day! Thank you so much for your kind words!